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Zero Sievert: How to Sleep and Regain Energy

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Zero Sievert How to Sleep and Regain Energy

As a brave and mighty hunter, your job is not only to hunt down and defeat enemies. It is also your task to maintain yourself in perfect shape. You can do this by monitoring the status of your hunter.

On the upper left corner of the screen, you can see there the energy, food, and hydration of your character. You must always keep in mind that these statuses must never go down 50%. Otherwise, your character will experience some debuffs.

Food and hydration can be restored by feeding and making our character drinks. Now, the question is how to regain energy and how to sleep in Zero Sievert.

How to Sleep and Regain Energy in Zero Sievert

How to Sleep and Regain Energy in Zero Sievert
Source: Acez Plays

To sleep in this game, you just have to locate the barman and consider it a landmark. From there, you can see the entrance of the bunker.

Just head straight and turn right. There, you can see the rooms with beds.

All you have to do is approach any available bed that you can see. Do not worry since there are so specific assignments of bed for each hunter so you are free to choose where to sleep every time.

click Sleep
Source: Acez Plays

As you interact with the bed, you will be asked how long you want to let your hunter sleep. Use the slider to adjust the time you want to sleep.

Under sleep time, you can see the wake-up time of your unit. If you are satisfied with the amount of sleep you have chosen, click Sleep.

However, as you try to move the slider, you will notice that sometimes the time turns white, and sometimes it turns green. Make sure that you choose a time in green color. This indicates that your character can fully regain its energy.

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