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WW2 Rebuilder: Where to Find all Secrets in Germany Prologue

Boost your humanitarian efforts with this guide!




WW2 Rebuilder Where to Find all Secrets in Germany Prologue

If you ever get tired of destroying Europe in games such as Wolfenstein or Call of duty, you can retire from being a warlord and enjoy the gifts of charity by rebuilding the old continent in WW2 Rebuilder.

We have crafted this guide trying to help players find all the secrets in the game. For today, we will show every secret available in Germany’s prologue.

Pre-war Poster

Pre war Poster

Source: Uranium’s glorious junkyard

When crossing the bridge that connects areas, you will find yourself surrounded by buildings. One of the said buildings has a Pre-War poster depicting an airship on its side.

Click on it to collect it and move on to the next collectible.

Bombing Analysis

Bombing Analysis

Source: Uranium’s glorious junkyard

You will find this collectible hiding beneath a pile of debris that you can clean up using your spatula. After cleaning said ruble, you will find a glowing document. Pick it up to get the collectible.

Response to the Request

Response to the Request

Source: Uranium’s glorious junkyard

Very close to the place where you found the last collectible, you will find the next collectible inside this concrete structure sitting right next to the church. Look inside to grab it and get the collectible.

Child’s Drawing

Childs Drawing

To get this collectible, you will need to get to the second floor of the church and reach the room depicted in the image, all you need to do is grab the glowing item and you will get the collectible. 

Red Cross Poster #2

Red Cross Poster 2

To get this collectible, you will need to clean the poster shown on the image using your brush. After you’re done, you will get the collectible.  



To get this collectible, you will need to get into a square located adjacent to the Church. You will find the Foodstamps in one of its corners.

Red Cross Poster #1

Red Cross Poster 1

Run in a straight line from when you picked up the Foodstamps. Repeat the same cleaning process as with the other poster and you will get the collectible.

Screening Announcement

Screening Announcement

Our final collectible is located inside a building overviewing the square where we picked the Foodstamps. Head into the room shown in the image and pick the collectible.

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