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WRC Generations: How to Unlock Team Work Trophy

Hand on the steering wheel; the pioneering mode is back!




WRC Generations How to Unlock Team Work Trophy

The seventh entry in the World Rally Championship series by Kylotonn is here with a lot of new and returning game modes and features.

Native WRC players will be glad to know that this game has merged the early and the latest series by giving us this one. We are all excited to share with you that Kylotonn expanded the opportunity to explore the online options inside the game.

The game added the Clubs system and also returned both the co-driver mode and the regular online competition.

Having said that, we also still have the achievement system, and we want to tell you how to unlock the Team Work Trophy.

How to Unlock Team Work Trophy in WRC Generations

How to Unlock Team Work Trophy in WRC Generations
Source: Griffins Gaming Guides

To be able to unlock the Team Work trophy, you just have to play co-driver with a friend and play it as a driver.

If you are not yet familiar with its user interface, then here it is. From the main menu, go to Multiplayer > Co-driver > Create Co-driver Lobby. It would be so much better if you pick the Create Co-driver Lobby than the Find Co-driver Lobby because you can choose which role to play unlike the latter wherein you just have to fill roles.

Once you have completed one, you will be able to get the bronze trophy for this specific achievement.

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