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WRC Generations: How to Get Smart Move Trophy




WRC Generations How to Get Smart Move Trophy

Step on the gas, and hands on the wheel. Get the Smart Move trophy in WRC Generations.

Another addition to the World Rally Championship series has already come and is ready to keep everyone pumped for its amazing new and returning features.

WRC Generations is the seventh and latest part of the series. This game can bring us to the real world of racing by giving us realistic visuals and mechanics. One of the mechanics that you have to know and learn is about cross-mounting tires.

Needless to say, achievements are still a thing in WRC Generations, and in this guide, we will be focusing on completing the Smart Move task and getting that trophy.

How to Get Smart Move Trophy in WRC Generations

How to Get Smart Move Trophy in WRC Generations
Source: Griffins Gaming Guides

We want to be direct to the point here so we want to tell you quickly how to get this trophy.

The Smart Move trophy is earned by cross-mounting tires in Career mode.

Before you can start the game, you will be asked first how many tires you want for the event. Since we can experience different kinds of environments while playing WRC Generations, it is a must that you learn how to do cross-mounting tires.

While you are still in the preparation area, make sure to choose the perfect tire for the current condition of the location of the rally.

preparation area
Source: Griffins Gaming Guides

As shown in the picture, you can see here that all available tiles are listed. All you have to do is pick a mixture of tire types to bring into the game.

Make sure that the spare tires are of a different kind from the used pairs of tires.

you have to do is pick a mixture of tire types
Source: Griffins Gaming Guides

After completing a stage, you will be given a chance to change your tires. This is where you can change either the rear or the front tires with the spare tires that you have.

After you finish the rally, you will be able to get the bronze trophy for the Smart Move achievement.

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