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WoW: How to Fix Arena 123 and Focus Bug

Make your Arena 123 and Focus macros work as intended again!




WoW How to Fix Arena 123 and Focus Bug

Recently, players of WoW might have started noticing that their Arena 123 and Focus macros have started misbehaving.

A new bug causes targets further than 45 yards away to not be targeted by macros, even though they should be.

If you find yourself being affected by this bug, we have the right fixes for you. Read on!

How to Fix Arena 123 and Focus Bug in WoW

Before we start fixing this bug, you’ll need to get an addon called AdvancedInterfaceOptions.

This add-on will let you manually configure the Console Variables, also known as CVar, which is essential to the fix.

With the addon installed, open your settings and go to the CVar Browser.

How to Fix Arena 123 and Focus Bug in WoW

Source: Becmix

At the top of the window is a text entry box that you can use to search for variables. You’ll need to search for 3 variables:

  • SoftTargetInteract
  • SoftTargetEnemyRange
  • SoftTargetFriendRange

Simply copy and paste the variable names into the search bar in the CVar Browser.

On the right of the window, you should see a Value column. Search for each one of the variables listed above and see their value.

If any of these variables have a value other than 0, double-click on the value and type in 0. Make sure you set all three variables to 0.

After changing these settings, just try your focus macros again and they should work normally.

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