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WoW Dragonflight: How to Obtain Otto Mount Guide

Add Otto the Secret Mount to your collection of irresistibly cute mounts!




WoW Dragonflight How to Obtain Otto Secret Mount Guide

A World of Warcraft community known as the Secret Finding Discord is always on the lookout for the hidden mounts, toys, and pets introduced in the Dragonflight expansion. Otto, the new otter mount, is one of the recently discovered mounts.

If you’re collecting mounts in the game but having difficulty finding Otto the otter mount, you have this guide to help you out.

Where to Get Otto Mount

Otto the Secret Mount

Otto is a ground mount like the Iskaara Tuskarr mounts Yellow and Brown Scouting Ottuk, with a maximum speed of 100%. Otto is pale blue and can don a pair of shades with the help of a unique toy.

This Mount is a desirable addition to any WoW collector’s mount stable due to its cute looks. This article will walk you through the process of acquiring him in the Dragonflight expansion.

Obtaining Otto

Obtaining Otto 1

To get Otto, players must purchase a pair of Aquatic Shades from the Great Swog using the Gold Coin of the Isles, the game’s new fishing currency.

Once you’re in possession of Aquatic Shades, head to the dive bar located behind the Obsidian Citadel in the Waking Shores region.

Then go inside the bar, equip the toy, stroll to the dance mat, and dance for five to seven minutes to “die” from the debuff you have just picked up.

In this case, you won’t actually die but rather be transported outside with an empty fish barrel before you. Once you have the barrel, you must fill it with a certain variety of fish.

While fishing may not be a fascinating activity in World of Warcraft, the Better Fishing add-on can make it more manageable. The first type of fish can be obtained from the guide in the Iskaara Village (12.19, 50.00). This requests 100 Frigid Floe Fish.

As part of the second phase, you must return to the Waking Shores and pull 25 Calamitous Carps from the molten waters there (33.67, 64.75).

Kingfin, a wise whisker fish, hails from the Thaldraszus region and is the last fish required to completely fill the barrel (56.00, 44.00).

Once the barrel is filled up, you can return to the spot where you discovered it, and Otto will appear, giving you a sweet new mount for your journey through the Dragon Isles.

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