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World of Warcraft: How to Defeat Thorim | Ulduar Guide

Do this strategy to easily defeat the raid boss, Thorim.

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World of Warcraft How to Defeat Thorim Ulduar Guide

Thorim is one of the watchers bosses you encounter in Ulduar in World of Warcraft. You can try to raid him in either normal or hard mode.

Regardless of which difficulty you choose, there’s no denying that defeating Thorim is hard. Luckily, we’ve created this guide to show you how to defeat Thorim efficiently.

How to Defeat Thorim

How to Defeat Thorim
Source: Scottejaye

If you decide to raid Thorim, wear fire and nature resistance gear. However, some frost-resistance equipment can be helpful if you attempt hard mode.

When you start the raid in Thorim, split your team into two. The gauntlet team will make its way to Thorin, while the arena team will fight waves of adds until the gauntlet team finishes.

Gauntlet Team

Gauntlet Team
Source: Scottejaye

The best tank you can bring to the gauntlet team is a Protection Paladin build, along with damage dealers like Warlocks and Hard Cleave Specs Mages. Defeat some adds before you reach the first giant.

Gauntlet Team 1
Source: Scottejaye

The giant has a quake-type attack that is avoidable. Check what hand the giant is raising. If it raises the right hand, go to the left side to avoid the attack.

Once you reach the giant, defeat it as fast as possible, as it will cast a reflect shield on itself which might kill you and your allies.

Gauntlet Team 2

Go up the stairs, and you will encounter more dwarves, defeat them to reach the final giant. This giant can put a Rune Detonation on your team.

This will stop a target from moving, then detonate and blow up, dealing massive damage. If you see a red circle below any of your allies, get away from the circle to avoid damage.

Continue beating up the giant until it dies. Focus on defeating the Acolyte dwarves first as they heal the other enemies.

Arena Team

Arena Team

In the Arena Team, the only enemy you have to pay attention to is the Dark Rune Champion, especially if you use a melee class. They have a Whirlwind attack which can be dangerous if your primary damage dealer gets hit.

If you have an engineer with a Mind Amplification Dish or a Priest with Mind Control, you can use them to control a Dark Rune Warbringer. This will give your team an Aura of Celerity, a mini bloodlust effect.

Make sure to defeat the Evokers first, as they can heal the enemies. Once the gauntlet team reaches Thorim, he will jump into the arena along with the team.

Thorim Raid

Thorim Raid

Once Thorim jumps down, the mob waves will stop spawning. You should have 2 tanks at the center with him. The main tank should deal with Thorim as soon as he arrives.

The other team members should spread out to avoid the damage from Thorim’s chain lightning. When Thorim uses Unbalancing strike, the second tank should taunt Thorim.

It would be best if you also avoided Thorim’s Lightning Charge, especially Healers and Damage Dealers. If you dodge a Lightning Charge, ensure that there are no teammates in the direction you will escape to avoid getting wiped out.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode

The only difference in attempting to challenge Thorim in Hard Mode is that his wife, Sif, will join the fight. She mostly uses frost spells like Frostbolt Volley, Frost Nova, and Blizzard.

If she casts Blizzard, avoid it at all costs. With this information, you are now ready to defeat Thorim.

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