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World of Warcraft: How to Defeat Kologarn | Ulduar Guide

Defeat Kologarn to reach the other bosses and progress further.

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World of Warcraft How to Defeat Kologarn Ulduar Guide

In Ulduar, you are going to encounter various bosses. One of the bosses you will encounter is Kologarn, who is protecting a bridge.

This bridge will lead you to the other bosses like Auriaya, Thorim, Hodir, Freya, and Mimiron. We will show you how to defeat Kologarn to reach the other bosses.

How to Defeat Kologarn in World of Warcraft

Defeating Kologarn
Source: Scottejaye

Kologarn is a giant that can be tricky to defeat. He is unique as you can target both his hands and the main body, making you face 3 bosses simultaneously.

Your team should be composed of Damage Dealers, Healers, and at least 2 Tanks.

Defeating Kologarn 1
Source: Scottejaye

The strategy to defeat Kologarn is to target his right arm whenever it is active. The right arm has two abilities. Stone Grip and Squeezed Lifeless.

When it casts Stone Grip, it will grab 3 random players, stun them, and will not let go until the players are dead or if the right arm sustains enough damage that it breaks.

Squeezed Lifeless will instantly kill any gripped players. The boss will cast it after Stone Grip.

His left arm will periodically cast the ability Shockwave which deals Nature damage. You can bring a Hunter with Aspect of the Wild or a Shaman with Nature Resistance Totem to negate some of the Shockwave’s damage.

Defeating Kologarn 2
Source: Scottejaye

Make sure casters and healers are far from the main body, as it can cast the Overhead Smash ability. This is an AoE ability that can inflict silence and Crunch Armor.

Crunch Armor decreases the Armor by 25% for 45 seconds and can reach a maximum of 4 stacks, making it 100%.

That is why you should have at least 2 tanks when fighting Kologarn. The second tank will substitute if the main tank gets 2 stacks of Crunch Armor.

Second Phase

Second Phase

Once an arm is destroyed, it will spawn Rubble. Make the off-tank pull aggro on the Rubbles and take them to the other side. Make your range damage dealers deal with the Rubbles, as they can cause Stone Nova.

Stone Nova is an AoE attack that can increase the damage taken by a target by 5%, and it also stacks. His last ability is Eyebeam.

Second Phase 1

If you have excellent healers, they can easily out heal the damage of the ability. However, if you do not have one, you can kite it. Make sure that you refrain from bringing it to your other allies.

Second Phase 2

Defeating an arm takes 15% HP away from the main body. After you defeat Kologarn, his body will become the bridge allowing you access to the other bosses.

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