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Witcher 3: How to Get a Lantern in Next Gen Version

The Lantern is better at illuminating the surroundings than the torch.

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Witcher 3 How to Get a Lantern in Next Gen Version

The Witcher 3 recently had a free update, which is an excellent update for the next-generation consoles and PC. This update includes updated graphics, cross-saving, quality-of-life changes, and many more.

This also introduced the Candle Lantern, a far superior light source to the Torch.

Seeing better than the Torch can be incredibly useful when playing as Geralt and combating enemies at night or in dimly lit areas. We’ll show you where to find a Candle Lantern as soon as possible in the game.

A Deadly Plot

A Deadly Plot

Source: xLetalis

A Candle Lantern can be obtained in two different methods. One is through the “A Deadly Plot” quest. You will get it when you find Thaler in a cave near Hanged Man’s Tree.

A Deadly Plot 1

Source: xLetalis

The Lantern is close to the Hanged Man’s Tree at the cave entrance.

Monster Den

Monster Den

Source: xLetalis

If you’re starting a new game, you can get it as soon as you go to Velen. However, this cave is a monster den populated by Nekkers.

They can be hard to defeat, especially if you go to the cave immediately. So take care of them before getting to the Candle Lantern. If you decide not to obtain it, you can return to it later.

Monster Den 1

Source: xLetalis

These are the differences between the Torch and the candle lantern. This demonstrates that the Lantern is superior, notably in really dark locations. To easily combat monsters at night, go to the cave and obtain the Lantern.

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