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Wild Hearts: Which is the Best Starter Weapon

Learn which one of the 5 starting weapon classes is the best for you.




Wild Hearts Which is the Best Starter Weapon

Wild Hearts features 8 different weapon types, 5 of which are available at the start of the game. The other 3 unlock later as you progress through the main missions.

That said, each weapon type is extremely unique. They all play distinctly from each other, so picking the right weapon is important if you want to enjoy the game based on your playstyle.

In this article, we’ll go over the different weapon types to help you decide which is the best weapon when starting out!

Ranking the Best Starter Weapon in Wild Hearts

Ranking the Best Starter Weapon in Wild Hearts

Source: WILD HEARTS Steam Page

All 5 starting weapon classes in Wild Hearts are very different. Thus, they all are fit for different playstyles. This ultimately means that there’s not really one best starter weapon type for everyone.

Instead, you’ll have to analyze the weapon classes and decide which one fits your playstyle better.

Additionally, you should know the attack types before we dive in. These are as follows:

  • Attack 1 – This is the basic fast attack that you’ll be using quite frequently.
  • Attack 2 – This is your heavier but slower attack. It’s much stronger than Attack 1 but slower.
  • Special – This is a unique attack that varies from one weapon to another. Basically, special attacks utilize each weapon’s unique gimmick.

To help you decide which weapon to pick, we’ll detail them by going over what sets them apart.

Karakuri Katana

Karakuri Katana

Source: FightingCowboy

The Karakuri Katana is a fast weapon that’s extremely good at dishing out multiple hits.

It’s easy to use, and its speed means you won’t have much trouble hitting enemies and getting out of the way. However, its damage isn’t one of the highest.

Attack 1 will let you do lots of fast weak slashes while Attack 2 will let you charge up for a slow but powerful attack. Special Attacks will move you further and unleash even more attacks.

This weapon’s gimmick is its Unbound ability which you can use when you charge up the Weapon Bar which is a blue bar shown above your health.

When Unbound, the Karakuri Katana turns into a sword whip. This increases your range and also lets you perform lots of multiple-hit attacks.

It’s a fantastic beginner weapon due to its versatility, so it’s a good pick if you can’t decide what weapon to use.



Source: FightingCowboy

The Nodachi is the Katana’s opposite. It’s a huge, bulky weapon that specializes in devastating but slow, charged attacks.

Attack 1 combos are vertical while Attack 2 can be used to attack while moving, depending on which direction you’re pressing.

Notoriously, the Nodachi doesn’t charge up the Weapon Bar at all when attacking. Instead, you must use your Special to sheathe it and charge. Standing still charges even faster.

Releasing the Special charge when below 50% will have you perform a sweeping horizontal attack. Meanwhile, releasing between 50% to 99% causes a forward dashing attack.

Lastly, releasing at 100% charge will cause a very slow but incredibly powerful smashing attack. Landing this attack is hard, but it can dish out pretty huge damage.



The Bow is your standard long-range weapon. It can be hard to use effectively, but it allows you to deal damage without even getting close to your foes.

You will have two stances when using the bow: a horizontal stance that lets you fire many weak arrows and a vertical stance that lets you charge your shots for single powerful strikes.

Pressing Attack 1 will switch between stances. Attack 2 will charge up the bow, though charged attacks might keep you in place.

The Special Attack draws and fires the bow, and you can even switch arrow types while in combat.



The Maul is a similar archetype to the Nodachi: a slow but deadly weapon. However, unlike the Nodachi, the Maul is all about timing your attacks.

When you use Attack 1 and Attack 2, you will see a glow come from your character. Press Special at the exact time this glow happens and you’ll extend your Maul and perform another attack.

It’s possibly the hardest of the starter weapons to master, but it’s capable of insane damage. The Special extension also grants it fantastic range, which somewhat makes up for its slow speed.

Bladed Wagasa

Bladed Wagasa

Last but not least is the Bladed Wagasa, a close-quarters weapon with extremely fast attacks. It’s the perfect weapon for an aggressive playstyle.

Attack 1 is a basic but extremely fast combo, even faster than the Katana. Meanwhile, Attack 2 allows you to launch yourself onto the ground or come slamming down if you’re already in the air.

This weapon’s Weapon Bar is divided into 3 colored sections. Each one increases the damage drastically, but the gauge drains if you stop attacking. As such, you have to stay on the offensive at all times.

The weapon’s main gimmick is its Special: the Parry. Parrying an attack increases your Weapon Bar dramatically, protects you from damage, and also allows counterattacks.

However, landing a parry is very hard. The parry window is very short and will require lots of practice to master. Still, it’s a fantastic weapon perfectly fit for more aggressive players.

As you can see, each weapon is tailored to a specific playstyle. So the answer as to which is the best starter weapon to use boils down to your personal preference.

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