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Wild Hearts: Where to Find Tamakazura Location

Have a restorative bath at the bathhouse in Minato.




Wild Hearts Where to Find Tamakazura Location

Wild Hearts has several merchants and upgrade systems to choose from. Some are more obvious than others, yet they are all important.

One of the less obvious systems is the Restorative Baths which you may potentially access as soon as you arrive in Minato. However, it won’t be used for a time.

After you’ve understood their mechanics, you’ll find that they’re one of the game’s most useful non-gear upgrade routes. The Restorative Bath is taken care of by Tamakazura, and in this guide, we will show you where to find him.

Restorative Baths

Restorative Baths

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

The Baths in Wild Hearts may be used in two ways. The first is to just visit them regularly for some roleplaying.

Inside, choose the “Bathe in Current Water” option from Tamakazura’s menu. Your character will enjoy the warm water but gain no benefits other than a break from their gear.

To increase your health bar, you’ll need to upgrade the Baths into Restorative Baths. However, you can only take a bath or create one when you chat with Tamakazura.

Upgrading requires various supplies that you will have to obtain first. Moreover, a Restorative Bath can only be used once to improve your health. Further uses will only allow you to employ the mechanic’s roleplaying aspect.

Tamakazura’s Location

Tamakazuras Location

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

Travel to the Great Gate Prospect and enter the leftmost building with the Bathhouse logo. From there, you’ll find Tamakazura at the counter on the left.

When you initially arrive in Minato, the Restorative Baths are a dilapidated structure on the town’s higher levels, overseen by their glum caretaker, Tamakazura.

You won’t be able to rebuild the Baths until the conclusion of Chapter 1.

Once you defeat the Earthbreaker, return to the Baths to discover it in functioning order, with Tamakazura as its new owner.

He’ll explain that bathing is a fantastic method to revive oneself, but bathing in one of the special baths can permanently increase your health by a small amount.

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