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Wild Hearts: Where to Find Mirror Stone (Locations)

To upgrade your weapons, you’ll need the sparkly Mirror Stone.




Wild Hearts Where to Find Mirror Stone

A great hunter in Wild Hearts is only as mighty as their equipment, and constructing the greatest quality gear requires an equally great stone you can find.

Obtaining these resources in the often large amounts required is not easy, so knowing where to look always pays off.

While goods such as the Mirror Stone spawn in the exact locations every time, resource nodes giving ore appear semi-random, arriving in the same location most of the time but not always.

This guide will show you where to find the Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts.

Let’s begin!

Mirror Stone

Mirror Stone
Source: No-Nonsense Guides

In the game, your first few weapon enhancements will require a few Kemono pieces and some Corestone, which may be found everywhere, including the starting area, Harugasami Way.

Nevertheless, not long after that, you’ll start encountering various ores, such as the Mirror Stone.

Like Kemono, you’ll locate different types of ores in each location of Azuma, and as you go through the game, you’ll unlock new places.

The Mirror Stone can be found when you reach Akikure Canyon at the start of Chapter 2, “Ancient Technology.”

Mirror Stone Location

Mirror Stone Location
Source: No-Nonsense Guides

As you enter Akikure Canyon, look for yellow outcroppings on the rock sides.

They are especially abundant in the cave sections of the Canyon’s northeastern area, including the Gingko Forest, Buddha Cave, and Winter Solstice Cavern.

Collecting every sparkling item you see will earn you a few pieces of every material accessible in the region.

However, there’s a quicker method to obtain ores, and it doesn’t need any effort.

Once you gain access to the Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri, you can build a shrine for your spherical robot companions.

Tsukumo will stock up on local ores if you place one at your camp or a Dragon Pit. When you walk up after a while, you will be able to Collect Materials.

They’ll only give you five ore pieces at a time, but they’ll be a nice mix of different types.

Build one in Akikure Canyon, and the next time you visit; you’ll be able to pick up some Mirror Stone without having to do anything.

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