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Wild Hearts: Small Kemono Membrane Location

This spot at Harugasumi Way has lots of small Kemono you can farm.

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Wild Hearts Small Kemono Membrane Location

If you want to take a break from the main story quest of Wild Hearts, you can just explore the world of Azuma and find secrets or collectibles instead.

You can also gather materials that you can use for crafting and/or upgrading your gear.

Some of them can be collected from small Kemono. One such example is the Small Kemono Membrane, and we will show you where you can get one.

Where to Find Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Small Kemono Membrane
Source: No-Nonsense Guides

To get Small Kemono Membrane, you want to look for the Ragetail Pup, a fluffy rodent-like creature with pink fur on its back.

You can normally find it in Harugasumi Way, so if you want to obtain this material, you must first reach Chapter 3.

Ragetai Pups are common between the Abandoned Inn Town and the Deserted Granary. Slaying them will get you the Small Kemono Membrane while petting them gets you Rodent Bud.

You don’t need to crouch and be discrete when approaching them. Just go up to them and use any attack, then finish them off to get the material.

Where to Find Small Kemono Membrane 1
Source: No-Nonsense Guides

There are about four of them in the previously mentioned areas, so if you want more of the material, simply roam around these locations to find more.

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