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Wild Hearts: Karakuri Staff Combo Guide

Learn how to master the Karakuri Staff’s combos with this guide.




Wild Hearts Karakuri Staff Combo Guide

The Karakuri Staff is a deceptively simple weapon in Wild Hearts. This weapon can transform into multiple forms which can look intimidating for some players.

Some may believe they will need to learn too many movesets at once. Others might misunderstand the purpose of the weapon, thinking they can pick only one form.

But that’s not true at all! In fact, the weapon is all about using combos of all its forms to build up its ultimate attack.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything concerning Karakuri Staff combos!

How to Perform Karakuri Staff Combo

How to Perform Karakuri Staff Combo

Source: RageGamingVideos

Before we start deep diving into how to use combos and whatnot, let’s first go over the basics of the Karakuri Staff and its ideal playstyle.

The Karakuri Staff might seem intimidating at first, as it’s a weapon that transforms into 4 different forms: staff, dual blades, giant shuriken, and spear.

Each one of these forms has a different Attack 1 (weak attack) and Attack 2 (heavy attack). They each have their own basic combos, as well.

How to Perform Karakuri Staff Combo 1

Source: RageGamingVideos

However, you’re not meant to pick and choose one of these weapon forms and stick to it. Instead, you’re meant to smoothly use all forms together, chaining form-changing combos.

As such, you might notice that your character flashes after certain combo moves. These flashes signal that you can transition to another weapon form by using your Special Attack, Mutate.

This allows you to continue your combos while also changing through the multiple forms of the weapon which also charges your Weapon Gauge.

How to Perform Karakuri Staff Combo 2

Source: RageGamingVideos

When you fill 4 to 9 segments of your Weapon Gauge, you can use the Juggernaut Blade form. This turns the Karakuri Staff into a giant sword for the 2-hit Full-Body Wave Slice, dealing ridiculous damage.

If you completely fill up your gauge, the Juggernaut Blade combo will get an additional finisher that does even more damage. The finisher alone does more than double the damage of the 2 previous hits!

Now, let’s go over some of the most important things to know when doing combos with the Karakuri Staff.

Karakuri Staff Combo Tips

Karakuri Staff Combo Tips

As you can see from what we went over previously, the ideal playstyle is to keep using Mutate during combos to charge up your Juggernaut Blade, then use up your Weapon Gauge to deal massive damage.

Combos should prioritize building up the Weapon Gauge more than anything, and that’s what we’ll be aiming for here.

A great combo guideline is to start with a sprinting attack which will throw the giant shuriken. As soon as your character catches the shuriken on its return, use Mutate to transform your weapon.

This is a great way to start combos because it allows you to use hit-and-run tactics. Keep going through your combo after the first Mutate, transforming your weapon as much as possible.

Karakuri Staff Combo Tips 1

The Karakuri Staff is thankfully easy to combo with once you start focusing on using Mutate. However, don’t combo too many moves if the Kemono is about to retaliate.

Learn the order of weapon transformation and your basic weak and heavy attacks as well, so that you know exactly what your range and speed are with each variation.

Master these basics and you’ll be doing non-stop combos and using the Juggernaut Blade constantly, destroying every Kemono that dares face you!

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