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Wild Hearts: How to Use Hunter’s Arm and Climb Monsters

Treat these giant monsters like a piece of cake with the Hunter’s Arm.




Wild Hearts How to Use Hunters Arm and Climb Monsters

The Hunter’s Arm is an essential skill in Wild Hearts that can be used to annihilate enemies. Unfortunately, this life-saving device is never taught, even in the opening tutorial.

Wild Hearts has a diverse collection of Karakuri structures, mechanisms, and weaponry to assist players in tracking down the wild Kemono in each area.

Knowing how to use these tools will allow you to enhance your equipment, modify your weapon, and help improve the town.

This article will walk you through how the Hunters Arm works and how to use it to climb monsters in Wild Hearts.

Unlock Hunter’s Arm

Climb Monsters
Source: Rurikhan

Although there is no instruction for the Hunters Arm, you will automatically obtain it after creating your campsite and completing the opening tutorial scenes.

From that point, you can start utilizing Hunters Arm and extracting Celestial Thread to help you create an assortment of towers during combat.

You can use this technique to improve your hunter as well. Several talents on your armor and weapons will only become active after utilizing the Hunters Arm effectively in battle.

Remember it throughout some of the game’s most challenging boss encounters.

Climb Monsters

inflicted enough
Source: Rurikhan

To climb monsters using the Hunter’s Arm skill, you must jump and hold RB or R1 to grasp onto a beast once you have inflicted enough damage and blue spots have shown.

Crawl over the luminous blue part on their body, and you will be requested to hold L2 or LB to activate the Hunter’s Arm.

Hold the button until your hunter has finished harvesting energy and returns to the ground.

As you progress through Wild Hearts, you’ll notice a lot of rewards that mention the Hunters Arm.

The Hunters Arm pulls power from a Kemono’s bright wounds, causing your Celestial Thread to overflow, stun the Kemono, and make them drop several Kemono Orbs.

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