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Wild Hearts: How to Max Karakuri Threads | All Old Cogs Locations

It’s time for some Tsukumo hunting!




Wild Hearts How to Max Karakuri Threads All Old Cogs Locations

The Tsukumo is one of the treasures in Wild Hearts and may be the most significant of all. Gathering them grants you Old Cogs which you may spend to increase Karakuri Thread and improve the Tsukumo accompanying you into combat.

As a result, finding more Tsukumo is critical to your survival. Nevertheless, with 250 in total to collect, it might be challenging to find all of them.

Rather than worrying about discovering all 250 Tsukumo on your own, Wild Hearts uses a mechanism to assist you in finding them. Here’s how.

Upgrade Your Hunting Tower

Upgrade Your Hunter Tower

Source: Arekkz Gaming

Wild Hearts tells you about the Hunting Tower early on, so it’s best to use it as soon as possible. It’s not only used to find Kemono on the map; you can upgrade it so that it can discover Tsukumo.

Once you upgrade your Hunter Tower, you’ll need to be more thoughtful in your search for Tsukumo. Each Hunter Tower has a circular radius, and you’ll want to ensure each part of the map has a Hunter Tower.

Once your towers are in place, make sure they cover the entire map.

Unlock the Deep Probe Upgrade

Unlock the Deep Probe Upgrade

Source: Arekkz Gaming

When it comes to collecting Tsukumo, you want to unlock the Deep Probe upgrade for your Hunting Tower. This allows all collectibles on the map covered by a Hunting Tower to be highlighted.

Since you’ve already configured your Hunting Towers to cover the entire map, you will be able to find all Tsukumo on the map.

If some areas of the map are still not covered, you should prioritize unlocking the Hunting Tower: Expansion upgrade to increase the circular range of every tower you place in an area.

Once you’ve activated a Hunting Tower, collectibles will then appear on the map. Activating one activates them all, so choose the one that is most convenient for you.

You’ll notice that all collectibles will now be displayed as a “?” on the screen. These icons could be Tsukumo, Documents, or rare Talismans.

With this method, it shouldn’t take long for you to find all Tsukumo in the game.

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