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Wild Hearts: How to Get Strigine Flight Bone

Farm for Strigine Flight Bone by killing these owl-like creatures.




Wild Hearts How to Get Strigine Flight Bone

Crafting materials in Wild Hearts are generally dropped by Kemonos after hunting them down. You can then use them to create gear or upgrade existing ones.

Meanwhile, there are also modification materials that you can use to adjust the stats of your armor. One such example of a crafting material is the Strigine Flight Bone, and we’ll show you how you can get it.

How to Get a Strigine Flight Bone

How to Get a Strigine Flight Bone

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

To get a Strigine Flight Bone, you need to loot it from the Deathspine Nighthawk on the southern side of the map above the healing well.

This is a small Kemono that looks like an enlarged owl.

But before you can start hunting it, you need to reach Chapter 2: Ancient Technology first.

How to Get a Strigine Flight Bone 1

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

You can find Deathspine Nighthawks in Fuyufusagi Fort which is located north of Akikure Canyon.

Don’t pet them, as they will only give you Strigine Plumes instead. The only option here is to kill them if you need more of this material.

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