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Wild Hearts: How to Get Katana and Best Combos to Use

Master the way of the sword and slash your foes away!




Wild Hearts How to Get Katana and Best Combos to Use

The Katana is one of the first weapons you can use in Wild Hearts. Though you won’t have any problem learning its combos at first, you’ll discover that using this flexible and elegant weapon properly will be rewarding.

The weapon is relatively easy to learn, but it’s challenging to master. This is the ideal tool for getting you through some of the game’s most critical early sections with minimal effort.

That said, if you want to master the Katana, this guide is for you.

Getting the Katana

Getting the Katana

Source: RageGamingVideos

You will discover a Karakuri named Field Forge early in your journey in Wild Hearts. This is used to create or improve weapons, create new armor, or swap between weapons.

You can only craft five different weapons at the start, with three more added when you reach Chapter 2. As mentioned, the Katana is one of the earliest weapons you can use.

To craft it, you will need the following:

  • 1 Corestone
  • 100 Gold

Once you have your own Katana, it’s time to learn its combo.



Source: RageGamingVideos

The Wild Hearts Karakuri Katana is a swift-moving blade that focuses on quick attacks and combinations as you build up the weapon gauge to unlock its “Unbound” mode.

Players who pick the Katana from the Wild Hearts weaponry should use their Karakuri buildings extensively to defend themselves and set up for attacks.

They should usually play more evasively, dodging a lot while remaining in the battle.

To master the Katana, you have to familiarize its following movesets:

  • X/Square – Downward slash
  • Y/Triangle – Iai slash
  • R2/RT – Single-Handed lunge
  • R2/RT during combo – Modifies combo for more significant damage but consumes stamina
  • R2/RT + X/Square or Y/Triangle (when weapon gauge full) – Activate Unbound mode
  • R2/RT + B/Circle (during Unbound mode) – Deactivate Unbound mode

Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

Source: RageGamingVideos

Here are some tips to get you started on wielding the Katana in Wild Hearts:

  • The Katana relies heavily on Karakuri constructions like the box and spring, with the jumping slash being its most effective move while leaping off a crate.
  • Keep track of your thread count. Since this weapon has no defensive qualities, you’ll have to master dodging on your own.
  • Use R2 strikes cautiously as they can deplete stamina quickly. If you’re not mindful, you may find yourself running on fumes when it comes to dodging attacks.
  • Always utilize Unbound mode. It’s pretty strong, yet it’s easy to overlook when it’s ready.
  • If an enemy attempts to leave during your Unbound time, deactivate it to avoid using all the remaining gauges when chasing it.

As mentioned, mastering the Katana takes time, so make sure to practice and use the abovementioned combos as you play the game.

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