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Wild Hearts: How to Get Golden Hematite

Make sure to get the Hematite for your crafting needs.

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Wild Hearts How to Get Golden Hematite

A unique feature in Wild Hearts is the act of mastering ancient tech to fight giant beasts. To be able to do this, you will need to gather rare materials to craft the best weapons and armor.

These items are scattered throughout the game’s vast map. One such item is the Golden Hematite, and if you’re struggling to find it, this guide’s for you.

Golden Hematite Location

Golden Hematite Location

Source:  LunarGaming Guide

Along with the Mirror Stone Ore, the Golden Hematite is one of the materials you need to craft strong weapons and armor. You can find it at the Kintodo Tower.

Depending on your progress on the chapters, you can fast-travel to this location. If not, you may have to travel there manually.

Once you arrive at Kintodo Tower, head towards the Mushroom Hollow Entrance until you see the Golden Hematite at the cave walls. Upon reaching an intersection, make sure to go to the left path while avoiding the animals.

Golden Hematite Location 1

Source:  LunarGaming Guide

You don’t want to start an unnecessary fight, so it’s a good idea to proceed to the area with caution. Once you follow the path for a bit,  you will see the Golden Hematite on your right. All you have to do is pick it up.

Make sure to use this resource wisely, as acquiring this is not an easy task.

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