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Wild Hearts: How to Get Demon Rock (Location)

This guide will teach you how to locate the Demon Rock

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Wild Hearts How to Get Demon Rock Location

Wild Hearts game puts you in a world of demon beasts, and you have to master ancient technology to stand a chance of fighting them.

The game also has stunning aesthetics that go with its highly recommended settings.

To be successful in this game, you need to collect different types of materials to craft your items. Trust me, you will need to get your hands on these materials such as Demon Rock.

This guide will teach you how to get the Demon Rock. Let’s get to it.

Demon Rock Location

To unlock the strongest types of weapons and armor, the demon rock is one of the main materials that you will need. The Demon Rock can be located in the images below:

Demon Rock Location
Source: LunarGaming Guides
of Devourer of the Icy Moon
Source: LunarGaming Guides

From the main map, the place that you need to get is at the west side of Devourer of the Icy Moon, Northeast of Impossible Indigo Inferno, and northwest of Kingdom Crusher.

On the Detailed Map, simply zoom in on the bottom left and you will see Cavern Camp. These Demon Rocks can be collected from this place.

You can simply fast-travel to this area once you have progressed enough chapters in the story. If not, you may need to go there on foot.

Chilling Lane
Source: LunarGaming Guides

Once you have arrived at Cavern Camp, simply walk around until you find them. It generally doesn’t take too long of exploring to find them.  They’re mostly found at Chilling Lane, so that’s a decent place to start.

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