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Wild Hearts: How to Get and Use the Maul Weapon | Best Combos

Time to bonk your enemies in the head!




Wild Hearts How to Get and Use the Maul Weapon Best Combos

The Maul is one of the hardest-hitting weapons in Wild Hearts, but it’s also one of the slowest. Nonetheless, it compensates by delivering maximum impact.

Using the Special attack after using Attack 1 or Attack 2 causes the weapon’s handle to extend, allowing you to build more attack combinations.

The downside is that using the Maul demands attention and patience because you need to time your movements perfectly. In this guide, we’ll go over some tips and tricks on how to master the Maul.

How to Get the Maul

How to Get the Maul

Source: RageGamingVideos

Early in your journey, you will discover the Field Forge which you can use to create or improve weapons, create new armor, or swap weapons.

The Maul is one of the first five weapons you can craft, and to craft it, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 1 Corestone
  • 100 Gold

Now let’s move on to its combos.



Source: RageGamingVideos

When it comes to the Maul, there are a plethora of slow-hitting combos to master, all of which can be aided by handle extension.

The weapon has the following attack and movesets:

  • X/Square – Pound attack
  • Y/Triangle – Jumping smash
  • R2/RT – Power smash
  • R2/RT during combo – Extends handle and increases the damage for the remainder of combo

The ability to extend the handle is the main feature of the Maul. As you swing it around, you’ll notice that the head flashes after each strike.

Press R2/RT when it does to cause the handle to extend, increasing the damage for the rest of the combo.

You can do this multiple times in a combo to significantly increase the Maul’s damage, but remember that you still need to input the rest to maintain it.

When you press the handle extension button, you must also quickly enter the next stage of the combo, or it will simply end there and reset.



Source: RageGamingVideos

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock valuable skills for the Maul that can improve your gameplay.

Here are the following skills worth considering:

  • Extended Rap – Boosts attack by 15% when you extend the Maul
  • Helve Extension Training – Prevents reeling when using an extended Maul
  • Power Smash Boost: Attack – Increases the power of spinning attacks by 20% when the Maul is extended
  • Rapid Halt – Stamina is consumed less after a successful aerial helve extension
  • Shockwave – Render Kemono unconscious more often with extended attacks
  • Expert Hitter – Extends Maul after repeatedly using Karakuri at a prey with a salvo of power smashes
  • Tunnel Vision – Extension is harder to achieve but boosts attack for a short while when successful

Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips 1

Source: RageGamingVideos

Here are some basic tips to help you master the Maul in Wild Hearts:

  • The Maul extension trigger consumes stamina but not that much. Just keep it in mind for when you need to dodge or flee.
  • Since the Maul has no defensive skills and causes you to move slowly, most of your gameplay will consist of you holding back and waiting for an opening to strike.
  • The Maul’s Power Smashes will destroy any nearby Karakuri you’ve made. This can occasionally help clear the battlefield, but it is more likely to be a hindrance for the most part.

Like the other weapons, the Maul takes a bit of practice to master, but it will be very rewarding once you manage to do so.

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