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Wild Hearts: How to Fix Blur

Improve visual clarity by changing settings that blur visuals.




Wild Hearts How to Fix Blur

Wild Hearts has launched with a host of issues. One such reported issue is that the game looks blurry and unclear.

Sadly, the console version of the game doesn’t provide settings to help with this issue. As such, we’ll only be covering the PC version in this short guide.

That said, if you want to improve your visual clarity in Wild Hearts on PC, we have the right guide for you.

How to Fix Blur in Wild Hearts

How to Fix Blur in Wild Hearts

Source: TroubleChute

First of all, you should go to the game’s title screen since certain settings can only be changed from the title screen and not while in-game.

In the title screen, choose Settings and then head to the Graphics tab.

How to Fix Blur in Wild Hearts 1

Source: TroubleChute

The first thing you want to do in this tab is to disable Upscaling if it’s enabled. The game doesn’t use FSR or DLSS technologies for its upscaling, opting instead for a subpar custom upscaling method.

Also, ensure that your Resolution is correctly set for your display. Generally speaking, your resolution should be 1920×1080 at the very least. The lower the resolution, the blurrier the image will appear.

Both the Upscaling and Resolution settings should be at the top of the settings list.

After configuring these properly, scroll to the bottom of the list of settings until you find the 3 post-processing effect settings: Motion Blur, Ambient Occlusion, and Depth of Field (DoF).

How to Fix Blur in Wild Hearts 2

Source: TroubleChute

You want to disable Motion Blur and Depth of Field. Motion Blur adds blur to moving objects while Depth of Field blurs objects that aren’t the camera’s focus such as distant vistas.

You might also want to set Anti-Aliasing to off, though this might cause the edges of objects to appear jagged. The setting is right above Motion Blur.

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