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Wild Hearts: How to Defeat Sapscourge

Here’s how to take down this sappy beast!




Wild Hearts How to Defeat Sapscourge

The Sapscourge is second in a long line of powerful hostile monsters you must hunt in Wild Hearts, and it’s a significant step up in difficulty from the Ragetail.

This makes it a dangerous encounter if you go unprepared, as it comes with difficult-to-avoid roll strikes and the capacity to spit sticky paralyzing sap everywhere.

So before you take it on, we have prepared this guide so you can prepare for the fight in advance.

We’ll go through the Sapscourge’s strengths, weaknesses, vulnerable areas, and countermeasures. Let’s get started!

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses

Source: Obsoleek

The Sapscourge is so named because of its propensity to shoot paralyzing sap on the ground around it.

Based on the Harugasumi Way, this Kemono requires you to start incorporating Karakuri devices into your battle on the go because dodging the Sapscourge’s huge roll and charge attacks will be complex.

Here is an overview of the Kemono to give you an idea of which weapon and equipment you should use:

  • Attribute – Wood
  • Slash Effectiveness – 5
  • Pummel Effectiveness – 4
  • Lunge Effectiveness – 4
  • Attribute Weakness – Fire
  • Ailment Resistances – Poison
  • Weak Parts – Head
  • Severable Parts – Tusks, Tail

Combat Strategy

Combat Strategy

Source: Obsoleek

The Sapscourge possesses several large-area strikes in which it spins or rolls about the battlefield, making it difficult to dodge. Luckily, it does provide short openings after each strike where you can attack.

Use these gaps to your advantage by dodging its blows.

The Sapscourge may occasionally curl into a ball and roll about. This can be difficult to evade, but a well-timed Spring Karakuri can get you out of the way.

Once the Sapscourge has finished rolling, it will collapse to the ground, allowing you to launch a counterattack.

Its forward lunge is one of its most dangerous strikes. You’ll notice it as the Kemono charges forward to deal damage and attempt to grab you.

If it succeeds, you will incur damage before being hurled to the ground, where you will take even more damage.

Keep in mind that this grab is inescapable, so you better hope you have enough health to survive. Make sure to avoid it at all costs.

The Sapscourge will create and fling globs of sap throughout the combat to deliver damage where they land. If you are hit, they will coat you in sap.

You can’t dodge while coated in sap; instead, you’ll be stunned in place for a brief duration upon pressing the dodge button.

Sap will eventually clear on its own, although it can be cleared faster by continuously pressing the dodge button.

Resources & Drops

Resources Drops

Source: Obsoleek

Once defeated, the Sapscourge will drop a bunch of useful materials. These materials can be used with Ragetail resources to create the Young Samurai armor set and improve several other weapons.

These are as follows:

  • Sapscourge Leaf Beard
  • Sapscourge Horn
  • Sapscourge Amber
  • Sapscourge Tail
  • Rare Sapscourge Sap
  • Young Warrior Teardrops
  • Young Warrior Kemono Blood
  • Small Plum Scent Crystal
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