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Wild Hearts: Bow Weapon Guide

Time to test your accuracy and precision.




Wild Hearts Bow Weapon Guide

In Wild Hearts, you can live your dream of becoming a powerful archer. Although aiming is still a factor, understanding how to use the bow and its skills are both equally important.

That is why if you want to master the bow weapon, this guide will help you out.

How to Use the Bow Weapon

How to Use the Bow Weapon

Source: Arekkz Gaming

The bow is one of the long-range weapons that you can use in Wild Hearts. Its lightweight and quick attack speed allow you to easily reposition yourself while still shooting at the most vital parts of your targets.

To fully understand and maximize the full capability of the bow, you must understand these important things first:

Haya and Otoya

Haya and Otoya

Source: Arekkz Gaming

The first thing that you need to understand is that there are two different ways to hold the bow. Either you hold it horizontally or vertically.

Aside from the orientation, they also differ when it comes to the damage they deal to your target.

Holding and using the bow horizontally is called Haya which is the bow’s default stance. You can press the X button to switch to a vertical orientation called Otoya.

Haya and Otoya 1

Source: Arekkz Gaming

Otoya deals more damage than the default Haya, especially when combined together. That being said, switching between Haya and Otoya help you deal extra heavy damage to your target.

Arrow Effects

Arrow Effects

Now that you already know the two different forms of holding the bow, it’s time to learn how both of them work.

Haya shoots arrows that can get stuck in the enemy’s body. It also inflicts damage on the enemy and serves as a setup for the incoming attack from Otoya.

Arrow Effects 1

Once you have already shot enough arrows from the Haya form, it’s now time to switch to Otoya. The Otoya arrows resonate well with the Haya arrows to cause an explosion that deals extra damage.

When the arrows have already exploded with the Otoya arrow, you have to set up another batch of Haya arrows.

Another trick the Haya arrow can do is to shoot continuous arrows. You can do this by holding the right trigger.

On the other hand, by holding down the attack button while using Otoya, you can deal more powerful damage.

Arrow Effects 2

You also have the option to enhance your weapon by pressing the Y button. There are different stances that you can use here, and the bow can perform differently depending on how you hold it.

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