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Wild Hearts: Best Location to Farm Ore and Corestones

A simple guide for farming resources in Wild Hearts

Edmond Herrera



Wild Hearts Best Location to Farm Ore

Wild Hearts has an abundance of collecting as many resources as you can to make your characters stronger.

Much like any adventure game, you have character systems to learn and resources to collect.  If you want to get ahead and become strong as fast as possible, you need to collect ores and corestones.

Do not worry, as this guide will teach you the location of Ore and Corerstones. Let’s get started.

Ore and Corestones Farm Location

The Best place to farm Ore and Corestones is at Kintodo Tower. You can find the location in the images below:

Ore and Corestones Farm Location
Source:  LunarGaming Guides

Once you arrive at Kintodo Tower, you can generally explore in any direction and you can already find these materials. But a good area to start would be Mushroom Hollow Entrance.

Simply observe your surroundings as you travel and pick up the resources that you need. That also means avoiding any unnecessary enemy fights your trigger.

Remember, you’re here for resources – fights can wait for next time.

Mushroom Hollow Entrance
Source:  LunarGaming Guides

Another area that has a high concentration of materials is Winter Solstice Cavern. You can find a lot of these materials by just simply wandering around the area.

As long as you follow the straight path, you can find them along the side of the road. You can also use your tech to break areas blocked, so you can find more of Ores and Corestones.

Winter Solstice Cavern
Source:  LunarGaming Guides

Once you’ve managed to accumulate as many Ores and Corestones as you need, you can now sit back and relax for a while before you use these resources for weapons and armor.

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