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Which is the Best Weapon to Use in Wild Hearts

Get to pick the best weapon for hunting down Kemono.




Which is the Best Weapon to Use in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts’ combat involves summoning useful structures and mechanisms to aid players in battles using a unique device known as a Karakuri.

Aside from that, the game also lets you choose from eight different weapons, each with its own set of skills and playstyles.

But which among them is the best to use? Let’s find out!

Which is the Best Weapon to Use

There are a bunch of weapons in Wild Hearts, and the answer as to which is the best weapon to use will vary wildly depending on your playstyle. Ultimately, the best weapon will boil down to your preferences.

Do you want a hard-hitting but slow weapon? Or are you a fan of fast attack speeds?

These decisions can influence which weapon you can consider the best. That said, here’s a breakdown of the weapons in the game and what they excel at.

Karakuri Staff

Karakuri Staff 1

Source: RageGamingVideos

The Karakuri Staff starts off as a medium-weight weapon, but it can mutate into five other forms.

These are the Long Staff, Twin Fang, Giant Shuriken, War Pike, and a massive juggernaut blade that may be summoned between modifications to conduct a Full-Body Wave Slice attack.

While each staff form has a distinct purpose, the five may be joined to create the most lethal weapon in the game.

Each form may be chained together when a flash of light occurs after utilizing a secondary attack to dramatically boost the juggernaut blade’s damage while using Full-Body Wave Slice between mutations.

Although challenging to master, the Karakuri Staff’s particular ability makes it difficult to ignore.

Karakuri Katana

Karakuri Katana 2

Source: RageGamingVideos

Despite it being your starter weapon, the Karakuri Katana is far from weak, as it can be converted to deliver one of the most powerful strikes in the game.

Its medium weight enables you to launch lightning-fast assaults while remaining mobile on the battlefield.

The learning curve of the Karakuri Katana is where it truly excels. It is the most accessible weapon to learn because it is the first weapon you get access to in the game.

It supports a range of offensive strikes, but the ultimate purpose of this weapon is to fill its release gauge and activate its “Unbound” condition.

When Unbound, the Karakuri Katana can execute a deadly Aerial Twist Drop strike from a stack of three crates.


Maul 2

Source: RageGamingVideos

The Maul is the hardest-hitting weapon in the game; the caveat is that it’s also the slowest.

Although it can be challenging to use against the most agile Kemono, understanding how to use the Maul’s unique ability properly can boost the flow of its assaults, giving you more opportunities to inflict more damage in a shorter length of time.

Likewise, with the Karukari Staff, a flash of light will appear after some maul assaults. Executing a special attack shortly after a flash of light will lengthen the Maul’s shank, altering its properties and increasing the damage and speed of its assaults.

The Maul’s unique ability demonstrates that not all heavy weapons must be sluggish.

Claw Blade

Claw Blade 1

The Claw Blade is the lightest weapon in Wild Hearts. Although each attack deals minimal damage, this fast-moving weapon provides the most agility of any choice in the game.

The Claw Blade is unusual in that it may be lodged inside an enemy. As a result, you may freely roam about your enemies while the Claw Blade is stuck, attacking as they go.

Attacks done while the claw is lodged boost the damage and effectiveness of subsequent assaults, making the Claw Blade one of the most lethal and engaging weapons in the game.


Bow 2

The Bow is the better of the two ranged weapons in the game. It allows you to alternate between two stances: Haya and Otoya.

Arrows shot in Haya stance will embed themselves in Kemono wherever they land. As you switch stances and fire an Otoya arrow, the lodged Haya arrows burst, delivering significantly greater damage.

The Bow’s unique ability makes it ideal for those who wish to do substantial damage from a distance.

Bladed Wagasa

Bladed Wagasa 2

Once you’ve mastered this fatal parasol’s unique parry function, you’ll be able to block enemies and become invincible.

Compared to the other weapons, the Bladed Wagasa exploits its parry capability to push for a more aggressive kind of fighting, and you should use it to go up close to enemies and press the advantage.

If you can stop any strike, what’s stopping you from being right in the Kemono’s face?

The hard part is perfecting the parry, but as you improve, you’ll be able to fill up the weapon gauge in the lower left, increasing the Wagasa’s damage by a potentially massive amount.

Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is one of the most challenging weapons in the game, with Thread Ammunition, Ki Bases, and the heating gauge all impacting its effectiveness.

Despite being powerful, the Hand Cannon isn’t the simplest to use, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by everything.

It’s capable of shooting two types of projectiles: regular shots that deal a lot of damage to foes and deployable Ki Bases which are unique zones that replenish your ammunition when you stand in them.

It’s a weapon that can deal a lot of damage when used correctly, but it’s a complicated enough procedure that we don’t recommend it unless you enjoy its playstyle.


Nodachi 2

The Nodachi is similar to a slower, heavier version of the Katana.

On the surface, it’s all about slashing, making it one of the easiest weapons for newcomers, but there’s more beneath the hood for those ready to learn.

The Charged Iai strike is one of the most powerful techniques in the game, and you may charge it while performing other attacks, albeit more slowly and at the risk of stamina loss.

This is also one of those weapons where the sluggish nature implies that Karakuri constructions are essential for movement since you’ll be easy pickings for enemies if you don’t have them.

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