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Which is the Best Solo Class in Dark and Darker

In the mood for a solo grind? Make sure to pick out the best class.




Which is the Best Solo Class in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is an action game best played with your friends as you explore the mystical underground fortress and take down a bunch of enemies together. However, you can also choose to go on battles with just yourself.

Just like in the multiplayer mode, you will also be able to choose what type of character class you are about to play. Still, the same class choices–fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger, wizard, and cleric.

Each of these classes has its own unique abilities, perks, and skills that differentiate it from other classes. Also, because of their different attributes, each class has a role to fill in when doing multiplayer.

However, if you want to go solo, all of the roles must be played by you. Just make sure that your class type can take on the role that needs to be filled.

To help you decide on which character class you should pick, we made this guide for you.

Best Solo Class in Dark and Darker

Best Solo Class in Dark and Darker

If you have braved yourself and plan on going solo, the best character class that you should consider using is the Cleric.

You might wonder how this class is the best when, in fact, it is usually a supporting role in team fights. But to tell you, a cleric role is not just about healing your teammates and providing protection to them.

Source: KotoPlays

A cleric is a very self-sufficient character to play. Aside from the fact that it has the most heals among the other classes, the cleric is also a great damage dealer. Plus, it is not as delicate as others. Basically, it is a combination of a tank, a damage dealer, and a healer.

damage dealer
Source: KotoPlays

Besides its physical melee attack, the cleric also has a spell that deals magic damage to enemies. While solo-battling the enemies, you can easily switch from physical to magic, and vice versa with just yourself.

You also have all the heals available which makes you more durable than the others.

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