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Which Faction is Best in STALCRAFT

Choose which side you want to join hands with.




Which Faction is Best in STALCRAFT

STALCRAFT is actually more than just a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that you are used to playing. Aside from being a first-player shooter game, the game experience is also much better and more interesting because of its added survival and horror elements.

But the fun does not stop there. In fact, there are also some things that you have to deal with before you even start with the game. Choosing which faction you are about to join will definitely affect your progress throughout the game.

There are only two factions in the game, and that leaves us with the question of which is better than the other.

Best Faction in STALCRAFT

Best Faction in STALCRAFT

Source: Doityboy

After you have finished the tutorial at the beginning of STALCRAFT, you will be asked whether you want to join the Bandits or the Stalkers. These two are the factions available in the game.

These two factions have the same main story quests and gear that you can avail from the barter. The only difference between the two is their bases and some faction-specific side quests.

When choosing the faction that you will join, you must keep in mind that this will be your faction forever. There is no chance to switch factions in the long run. But if you weigh these two, how can you tell which faction is better?

Source: Doityboy

Even though these factions actually has a lot of things in common, one of the most important thing you should consider is their subfractions.

As you go on with the game story, you will eventually be asked what specific subfraction you want. Stalkers can choose between Duty and Freedom. While Bandits can choose between Mercenaries and Covenants.

By this time, we should tell you first that the best faction in STALCRAFT is Bandits.

Best Faction in STALCRAFT 1

Source: Doityboy

As you can see, this is an illustration of the map showing how players from different factions interact with each other. Even though the players can freely go around the map, whenever and wherever they want, they are always spawned in their base once killed.

If you would look closely, the routes between the bases or Bandits are shorter. Plus, it is also relatively safer than in the Stalkers’ base. The reason why it is safer is that there is a low chance that other players will go roam around their area. This means that they have a low tendency of engaging in PvP battles.

Best Faction in STALCRAFT 2

Farming is also a factor here. If you are playing in the northern or middle part of the map, you will see the farming sites of each faction. On the left side is the radar for bandits, and on the right side is the forest for stalkers.

Even here, bandits have an advantage. It is easier and more convenient to farm inside the pits or radar compared to the stalkers in the forest.

Now, talking about subfractions. If you are more of a PvP player, it is suggested for you choose Mercenaries. While if you enjoy PvE more, then Covenants is for you.

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