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Which are the Best Heroes in T3 Arena | Hero Tier List

Find out if the hero you main is in the top tier

Romeli Daclizon



The 3v3 hero shooter T3 Arena has quick gameplay. You can pick from 7 game modes and the 20 playable heroes that are currently available. You can play Team Deathmatch, a traditional 3v3 game, or Free-For-All, a simultaneous battle between 6 players.

Like any game, there is a tier list, and we’ll show you who the game’s top heroes are.

Hero Tier List, Which are the Best Heroes in T3 Arena

You can choose from 20 playable heroes in the T3 arena. Using Rumble Boxes or the Hall of Fame, you can unlock. These heroes will acquire a level 9 passive skill. To max out a hero, there are a ton of resources needed.

Choose the best hero for you, max it out, and then max the rest. We will provide you with a hero tier list to aid decision-making. Each hero has a distinct skill and style.

Hero Tier List in T3 Arena

This tier list has four tiers.


  • Gloria
  • Aleta
  • Ossas
  • Hunter
  • Sindri
  • Ruby
  • Iris

The best of the best are these heroes. They can accompany you even in competitive games.


  • Diggy
  • Mark
  • Jabali
  • Cristina
  • Skadi
  • Judex
  • Hua Ling

If you learn how to use them properly, these heroes could become S-tier.


  • Kazama
  • Victor
  • Shell

The use of these heroes depends on the map.


  • Johnny Jet
  • Labula

These heroes fall short of expectations in the current meta.

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