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Which are the Best Characters to Use in Eversoul

A detailed tier list of characters

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Which are the Best Characters to Use in Eversoul 3

One of the main features of Gacha games is the character design. To cater to a wide range of players, the character designs of gacha games are generally similar to anime or manga. Much like Eversoul, there are many characters that have their own aesthetic. This article will rank each character from Eversoul in terms of visual appeal and ultimate.

Eversoul Character Tier List

Character tier lists are an efficient way to determine which characters are the strongest in the current META(Most effective tactic available). As such, we’ll be looking into each tier, starting from the weakest to the strongest for you to determine which best characters to use in the game

Tier 4: Strongly needs a rework

Eversoul Character Tier List
Image source: Clint Wulf- The Mobile Messiah

The reason why Ayam and Adrian are in the 4th tier is that they are one of one type of characters, and they are so far the only characters in their class.

Since they are the only ones in their class, they should be designed more uniquely. You could easily associate these two characters from an anime you’ve seen before.

Tier 3: Decent design, could be improved

Tier 3 Decent design could be improved

These three characters are in tier 3 because their overall designs are just “meh”. You have definitely seen other characters with this design from gacha games, and their designs could use some significant improvement. Seeha looks like a bootleg sailor moon character.

Maybe even Emilia from Re: Zero, but with wolf ears. As for Vivienne, there are many other designs that can indicate a character is a wizard without giving them a cape and a giant wizard hat.

Tier 2: Great Design but seems familiar

Tier 2 Great Design but seems familiar

In this tier, the characters are designed pretty well. They initially give you a unique feeling, but you get a slight feeling of having seen them before. Generally speaking, these types of characters are almost cardboard cutouts of famous characters from anime.

Clear is a perfect example of this tier list. She looks like every fantasy isekai anime. The full-clad armor female with a sword can be seen nearly everywhere.

Tier 1: Unique designs that you will only see in the game

Tier 1 Unique designs that you will only see in the game

In this tier, these characters give you a completely unique feeling. Unless you only play gacha games, it is certainly difficult to associate these characters from an anime. A standout from this tier list would definitely be Prim.

She exudes the showman and Kakegurui aesthetic effectively. Another example would be Nini with her multi-color look and stunning ultimate animation. The color scheme of her costume goes well together without being too blind.

Tier 0: Unique, most visually appealing design

Tier 0 Unique most visually appealing design

These character designs are a cut above the rest. The visual appeal of these characters is exceptional. Apart from that, they are definitely unique. Lindsay’s semi-gothic look with the purple accents greatly complements her gun and sword style.

As for Jade, not many characters are able to pull off minimalist-style designs with 2 colors. This character not only pulls off the look, but it is also a great match with her arsenal and ultimate animation.

Full Tier List:

Full Tier List
Image source: Clint Wulf- The Mobile Messiah

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