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Where to Locate Claire’s Right Arm – Atomic Heart

Find one of Claire’s limbs needed to reassemble her.




Where to Locate Claires Right Arm Atomic Heart

During the story of Atomic Heart, you’ll eventually come across a broken robot called Claire. To fix her, you’ll need to find some of her parts.

In this short guide, we’ll go through where you can find her missing right arm.

Where to Find Claire’s Right Arm

Where to Find Claires Right Arm

Source: ZaFrostPet

Finding Claire’s right arm is part of the “Red Arrow” quest which is a sub-quest of the “She Sells Moustache On A Seashore” quest.

As soon as you find Claire’s body and get tasked with finding her missing parts, look for the red spiral staircase. Climb up the spiral stairs all the way to the upper floor then turn left and go past the second set of stairs until you find a reception lobby.

Where to Find Claires Right Arm 1

Source: ZaFrostPet

Follow the objective marker through the doorway. You’ll be told that the right arm has been found on the Vavilov floor.

Proceed through the doorway and down the stairs. Hack open the locked door by completing the lockpicking minigame and you’ll open up a large room.

The first things you should notice are the large snake-like robot and a lot of small enemies. Start by taking care of all the small robot enemies.

When you’ve cleared the area of robots, look for a red button on a white pedestal. Interact with the button to start a minigame.

Where to Find Claires Right Arm 2

Source: ZaFrostPet

Remember the classic game Snake? Control the red snake and eat the blue diamonds. Be careful not to crash into the edges of the screen or into your own body or it will reset the minigame.

Once you eat enough blue diamonds, the minigame will end. A cutscene will then play involving the large snake-like robot in the room. After the cutscene plays, you’ll now have Claire’s right arm in your possession!

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