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Where to Locate Claire’s Left Arm in Atomic Heart

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Where to Locate Claires Left Arm in Atomic Heart

One of the robots that you will encounter in Atomic Heart is Claire. However, when you encounter her, she will be missing certain parts of her body.

During the She Sells Moustache on a Seashore quest, you will be tasked with finding her missing body parts as one of its objectives.

The left arm is one of them, and where’s here you can find it.

Claire’s Left Arm Location

Claires Left Arm Location

Source: Trophy Tom

To start the quest, you have to first access the room that leads to the lower floor of VDNH. Before that, you will see a locked door.

Open it by interacting with it and using your timing skills. The colors will rearrange following a certain rhythm.

What you have to do is snap your finger on the beat and perfectly align the lights with the same colors.

Claires Left Arm Location 1

Source: Trophy Tom

As you unlock the door, you will see a big nest-looking material on the lower floor. Go to the objective marker and get ready for an intense boss fight.

Plyusch Boss Fight

Plyusch Boss Fight

Source: Trophy Tom

When you are on the marked spot, you will see a moving specimen inside one of the canisters around. It will then reveal a Plyusch. which is by far the most aggressive mutant that you can encounter in the game.

Plyusch Boss Fight 1

Before you start the fight, make sure to scan it first. This way, you can learn its attributes including its weaknesses.

To easily defeat the Plyusch, use a melee weapon since gunfire won’t take it down. Do your best to get close to it in order to defeat it.

Plyusch Boss Fight 2

Once you finally defeat this hostile mutant, use your telekinesis to collect all the dropped items, including Claire’s left arm. Return it to complete the objective.

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