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Where to Get Shrivelfig Fruit Location – Hogwarts Legacy

Learn where you can get your hands on the Shrivelfig Fruit.

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Where to Get Shrivelfig Fruit Location Hogwarts Legacy

Potion-crafting is one of the many mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy. One such potion you can craft is the Thunderbrew option. This potion requires the Shrivelfig fruit as one of its ingredients.

However, the game won’t tell you where to find it. So if you’re struggling to find out where the fruit is, this guide is for you.

Shrivelfig Fruit Location

You can find the Shrivelfig fruit on The Magic Neep where the supplier of fresh produce lives. Its location is shown in the image below.

Shrivelfig Fruit Location

Source:  No-Nonsense Guides

Once you arrive at the Magic Neep, simply continue to follow the bridge. This will take you to Timothy Tesdale, the man selling fresh produce. 

There will be other people selling items in this area as well, but Timothy is the only one we need.

Simply interact with him to open his shop. After that, you can then buy the Shrivelfig Fruit from him for 150 gold.

Shrivelfig Fruit Location 1

Source:  No-Nonsense Guides

Now that you have obtained the Shrivelfig Fruit, you can then use it to craft a Thunderbrew potion. You can also buy seeds to grow them in your pots.

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