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Where to Find X-Ray Visor Location – Metroid Prime Remastered

Locate the X-Ray Visor to see all invisible enemies.




Where to Find X Ray Visor Location Metroid Prime Remastered

The X-Ray Visor is one of many tools that you can acquire throughout Metroid Prime Remastered. You can use it to spot every invisible enemy, even those that won’t appear on the Thermal Visor.

This makes it an extremely important tool, and in this short guide, we’ll tell you where you can find it.

X-Ray Visor Location

X Ray Visor Location

Source: Skryux

The X-Ray Visor can be found in the Tallon Overworld after you obtain the Grapple Beam.

To start, head to the Great Tree Hall and climb up the area by jumping on the various ledges. Reach the top of the area to find a Spider Ball track surrounding a pillar.

Use the Morph Ball and ride up the Spider Ball track until you reach the section that sticks out. Drop down to the lower section of the track and go up again to reach a ledge.

Head through the door and use a Power Bomb to destroy the boulder blocking your path. Go back into the Morph Ball and head through the tunnel into a small maze.

X Ray Visor Location 1

Source: Skryux

In this Morph Ball maze, you’ll find a half-pipe section. Swing and use your Boost Ball until you have enough momentum to reach the opening on the right side.

Keep going through the tunnel until you come out onto a new room.

Drop down the ledge and you’ll find the X-Ray Visor sitting in the middle of the room. Grab it and a cutscene will the play.

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