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Where to Find Windwalker Huggins in Tower of Fantasy Vera

A walk in the desert.




In the new update of Tower of Fantasy there is a new group of powerful enemies to defeat, all scattered through the long and hot desert of Vera. If you are looking to find all and defeat all of them, check out this guide where I will teach you how to find Windwalker Huggings. We have other articles for the rest, too!

Windwalker Huggins Location

You will find this enemy at the Slater Canyon, north of the Artificial Greens. The coordinates are –580.1, -497.0. Sadly, the closest Spacerift is at Artificial Greens, so quick travel there and make your way up until you come to the canyon.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

Though the Windwalker Huggins is arguably the smallest of Vera’s list of targets, by no means they are easy. The hits are fast and hard – enough to two hits or three hits to kill you, and there are lesser enemies roaming around that will join the battle.

Unlike the other enemies on the list of targets, losing to Windwalker Huggings is a lot more annoying because they are not as close to a Spacerift as the others are, so come as prepared as you can.

Avoid sitting in front of them to avoid lunging attacks and keep to the sides and stay as mobile as possible. Watch out for minute movements where they pull back a little, as it means that an attack is coming. As long as you can dodge and get aggressive to finish it off quickly it will be okay.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet
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