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Where to Find Water Pump Control Key in Ashika | MW2 DMZ

Get access to the water pump control by locating its key.




Where to Find Water Pump Control Key in Ashika MW2 DMZ

The Water Pump Control is one of the points of interest in the Ashika area of Modern Warfare 2. If you peek inside it via the windows, you’ll be able to notice some loot inside.

But to get access to those loots, you will need its key. If you don’t know where to find it, we got you covered in this guide.

Finding the Key

Finding the Key

Source: GUDPEXI the Gamer

You can find the Water Control Pump right inside the building with the number 1 on top of it as shown in the image above.

This building is located in the north center of the map, so keep that in mind when looking for it.

On the west side of the building, you can find the door which will require the key. You can actually have an idea of the loot inside by peeking at the window.

Unfortunately, it only contains a mere shotgun and a bunch of armor – nothing more.

Finding the Key 1

Source: GUDPEXI the Gamer

After seeing the rewards that you can get by opening the door, we strongly recommend just ignoring it as it’s not worth it in our opinion. You can just proceed with another objective instead of wasting time trying to unlock the door.

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