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Where to Find the Methosilis the Rune Knight Statue in Chained Echoes

Head to a Leonar Temple to find the Rune Knight Statue.

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Where to Find the Methosilis the Rune Knight Statue in Chained Echoes 1

In Chained Echoes, you can switch between classes by acquiring the corresponding Class Emblem. To do so, you must locate the statue representing that class to obtain a Class Emblem.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to look for the Rune Knight Statue so you can unlock the Rune Knight Class Emblem and have one of the game’s strongest classes.

Locating the Leonar Temple

Locating the Leonar Temple

Source: PrimeEspada91

Visit the Leonar Temple on the northeastern side of the continent and enter it. In order to get to Methosilis, the Rune Knight Statue, you will need to solve a puzzle.

Locating the Leonar Temple 1

Source: PrimeEspada91

If you want to see the Rune Knight Statue, you’ll need to move the red orbs onto the platform.

To achieve that, you must first move the middle Red Orb. Move it up two times, then to the right, and lastly, downward.

Locating the Leonar Temple 2

Source: PrimeEspada91

The next is the Red Orb on the left. Move it upward then to the right to place it beside the first Red Orb you moved.

Upon placing the two Red Orbs side by side, the next thing to do is to place the Right one behind the left one. Do this by moving the right Red Orb down, left, upward, and then to the right.

After that, you will have to move the Red Orb that you haven’t touched yet. Move it up to place it beneath the two Red Orbs. Then move it to the right to reach the platform.

You only need two more to finish the puzzle. This time, move the right Red Orb upward first. Then move the left Red Orb to the right to reach the platform.

This will be the last Red Orb needed to open the path towards Methosilis, the Rune Knight Statue. Move the Red Orb following this sequence: right, down, left, up, and right.

Reaching the Rune Knight Statue

Finding the Rune Knight Statue

The Rune Knight Statue can be reached through the unlocked door to the north after the puzzle has been solved. Additionally, there is a chest with a Rusty spear before you get to the statue.

To get the Rune Knight Class Emblem, you must pray to the statue. This will send you to a new location where you must fight enemies and defeat them.

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