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Where to Find the Hidden Chests in Operation Seraph’s Shield – Destiny 2

Do this to obtain the hidden chests in this mission.

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Where to Find the Hidden Chests in Operation Seraphs Shield Destiny 2

There are always a ton of secrets scattered throughout each Exotic quest in Destiny 2. This is also true with Destiny 2’s Season of Seraph, which was released recently.

Season of Seraph follows in the footsteps of the other Exotic quests by having hidden chests. You can obtain it by doing the Exotic quest, Operation Seraph’s Shield.

There are two hidden chests that you can claim, and we will show you what to do to open them.

Warsat Command Nexus

Warsat Command Nexus

Source: Esoterickk

A door containing the first hidden chest is within the final room of Operation: Seraph’s Shield. You can only enter it by bypassing its security successfully.

To do that, you must destroy a group of drones that randomly spawn throughout the mission. These drones come in packs of either four or five. You need to shoot them in the correct order to bypass the security successfully.

Warsat Command Nexus 1

Source: Esoterickk

For this, you’ll want to equip the Scanner augment. If you equip the Scanner enhancement, one of the drones will be highlighted in yellow. After one drone, the yellow highlight will be passed on to the next, and so on.

After defeating the last boss, you can retrieve the treasure chest from the final room. Each account can only do this once weekly.

Engineering Sector

Engineering Sector

Source: Esoterickk

The Engineering Sector is where you can find the second secret chest. After gaining the Operator buff, it can be located in the first area behind a room with two Shriekers.

Engineering Sector 1

Source: Esoterickk

It is time-gated, but you may quickly get through it by swinging a sword or using a Blink jump skill. You’ll find the secret chest on the right side of the room.

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