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Where to Find The Courier in STALCRAFT

In STALCRAFT, a side quest requires you to find a lost courier.

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Where to Find The Courier in STALCRAFT

STALCRAFT is a free MMORPG shooter with visual and gameplay influences from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and Minecraft.

It’s been in the works since 2015 when Russian viewers of a Ukrainian series set in the Chernobyl Zone made a tweak to Minecraft.

Like any other game, STALCRAFT has quests that require finding a specific item or person to complete. The Lost Courier side quest in STALCRAFT can only be achieved when you successfully look for the courier in the indicated area.

If you don’t like spending a lot of time circling around the map, guides like this exist to help you out.

The Lost Courier

The Lost Courier
Source: CuddlyJay

The game’s main storyline serves to familiarize the player with the Zone and provides a compelling experience with narrated cutscenes.

The world also features a plethora of side quests like The Lost Courier.

This side quest is a part of the “search the area” missions found in the world. To complete this side quest, look for the missing Courier’s Corpse in the area circled on the map.

Courier’s Corpse Location

Couriers Corpse Location
Source: CuddlyJay

The courier’s location is pretty hard to find if you don’t know where it is. The encircled area is surrounded by trees, and it’s easy to miss a spot.

The Courier’s Corpse can be found west of the helicopter, tied to a tree. Carefully search the surrounding trees until you find the Courier’s Corpse.

When you interact with it, the quest will be completed.

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