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Where to Find Steel Bolt Location – One Piece Odyssey

Steel Bolts are crafting materials you need for fixing a bridge!




Where to Find Steel Bolt Location One Piece Odyssey

In One Piece Odyssey, there are a lot of broken bridges that you can encounter. You can choose to fix them, and a prompt will tell you that you need Franky on your team.

At the beginning of the game, you can see Franky in the opening cutscene and on the beach of Waford, but he won’t be playable for a long time.

Once Franky joins the group in Chapter 5, you can start fixing broken bridges but only if you have the required materials. In this case, you’ll need Steel Bolts.

This guide will show you where to look for Steel Bolts so you can start fixing bridges.

Steel Bolt Location

Steel Bolt Location

Source: FP Good Game

Steel Bolts can be found inside chests or on the ground at the New Royal Plateau. The first Steel Bolt you can find here is inside a red treasure chest.

Steel Bolt Location 1

Source: FP Good Game

From that area, turn around and pick up the glowing items on the floor to find another Steel Bolt.

Steel Bolt Location 2

Source: FP Good Game

You can locate another Steel Bolt inside a chest shown in the picture above.

Steel Bolt Location 3

Source: FP Good Game

Open a chest to get a Steel Bolt at the bottom part of the New Royal Plateau.

Steel Bolt Location 4

You can open another chest to obtain a Steel Bolt in this area.

That’s all the Steel Bolts you can find in the New Royal Plateau area! Just remember to keep opening chests and picking up glowing items on the ground to obtain one.

We hope this guide helped you locate all the Steel Bolts you need to build a bridge.

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