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Where to Find Soulferry in Genshin Impact

Get a hint on how to find the slippery chess piece!




Where to Find Soulferry in Genshin Impact

Due to this rise in interest among Genshin Impact players, we have crafted this guide hoping to help some of you with the Soulferry’s location.

The Soulferry is a quest item that you have to look for it eventually. Follow this guide for a brief explanation of how to find the item.

Finding the Item

Finding the Soulferry

Source: ZaFrostPet

To begin the process of finding Soulferry, you will need to travel north of the map to the Desert of Hadramaveth.

You will arrive at a road leading into temple ruins. Be wary of the enemies surrounding the area, as they can quickly get behind your back and damage you.

We recommend trying to run past enemies and open the chest as quickly as possible.

Opening the Chest

Opening the Chest

Source: ZaFrostPet

Follow the road until you see a chest at some point in the distance. You can use the pink-glowing flowers that cover the tree’s branches around the path for some guidance.

Once again, be wary of potential enemy threats as there may be some unnoticed creatures creeping behind your back and stalking your character.

Head straight to the chest and open it to get the chess piece.

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