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Where to Find Snowball Blueprint (Melee Weapon) in Atomic Heart

Add this exciting new melee weapon to your inventory.




Where to Find Snowball Blueprint Melee Weapon in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart features a wide variety of weapons that you can try once you have already booted into the game. However, you won’t be able to get these weapons right away.

To get the weapons that you want, you must first find their respective blueprint. In this guide, we’ll specifically talk about the location of the blueprint for the Snowball weapon.

Snowball Weapon Blueprint’s Location

Snowball Weapon Blueprints Location

Source: Trophygamers

During the She Sells Moustache on a Seashore quest, you will have to explore the whole location looking for canisters with a type of plant inside them.

Once you have found all the canisters, you have to plug all of them into this face-looking structure near one of the door entrances.

This is located in the Vavilov Experimental Botanical Complex.

Snowball Weapon Blueprints Location 1

Source: Trophygamers

From this exact spot, face right and another door will open up. Head over inside and you will see two chests inside: one green on the right and one yellow on the left.

The green chest that you will see on the right side as you enter the door contains the blueprint for your new weapon, Snowball.

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