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Where to Find Mage Warrior Class Statue Location in Chained Echoes

Make your character stronger by obtaining the Mage Warrior Class Emblem in Chained Echoes!




Where to Find Mage Warrior Class Statue Location in Chained Echoes

All characters in Chained Echoes have access to a wide variety of Skills from the start, but that doesn’t stop there.

There are many more skills to unlock as you progress in the game. One way to do so is to collect all of the Class Emblems you find.

Everyone in your party can equip Class Emblems. They can either enhance the wearer’s current specialization or grant them access to more options, allowing them to take on additional roles.

The Mage Warrior is one of the Class Emblems you can find in Chained Echoes.

If you want to find out the location of the Mage Warrior Class Statue, keep reading the guide below.

Mage Warrior Class Emblem Location

Mage Warrior Class Emblem Location
Ograne Grottos

Mage Warriors are jacks of all trades, thanks to the little boosts they earn across the board.

Although not that much, any character can gain an advantage from this class emblem.

You’ll probably give this Emblem to the member of your party that you don’t use much.

To find the Mage Warrior Class Emblem, travel to the Ograne Grottos.

Accessible only by flying to the base of a waterfall in the northern part of Rohlan Fields while wearing Sky Armor, this grotto is the second entrance to the caverns.

The trial for obtaining the Emblem consists of four Tadeyes, and you will need four Incocybin Berries to defeat them.

You’ll obtain an Incocybin Berry from the NPC you talk to during the side quest called “The Gates of Nhysa” in order to defeat the Tadeye monster protecting the grotto’s deepest chambers.

As part of the side mission, A Goblin’s Dilemma, you can buy more berries from the Goblin Village in the grotto to help you defeat the additional Tadeyes guarding the statue.

By following the steps above, you can find the Mage Warrior Class Statue. We hope this guide made things easier for you.

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