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Where to Find KS-23 Collimator Blueprint – Atomic Heart

Go inside Testing Ground 9 to obtain the the KS-23 Collimator.

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Where to Find KS 23 Collimator Blueprint Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has two main ways to obtain a weapon: find it randomly in Facility 3826 or craft it by getting a blueprint from a chest.

Once you have a weapon, you can then upgrade it, but you must first obtain the item needed.

The KS-23 is the first gun you unlock in the game. You can upgrade it with the KS-23 Collimator which you can find in a certain location. We’ll show you where it is.

KS-23 Collimator Blueprint Location

KS 23 Collimator Blueprint Location
Source: ZaFrostPet

Start by looking for a utility hole near the HAWK Drone of Testing Ground 9 southwest of the Kollektiv Complex. Once you find it, drop down to it, then travel through the pipes to reach the boiler room.

Once you get to the boiler room, go inside the door to the right to find some candles. Drag the candles to the tube near the door, then move them towards a boiler.

There are four boilers that you need to turn on.

KS 23 Collimator Blueprint Location 1
Source: ZaFrostPet

Once all the boilers are ignited, head over to the opposite direction of the candle room to find a Polymer that will lead you outside.

KS 23 Collimator Blueprint Location 2
Source: ZaFrostPet

Head to the location in the image to control the camera near the statue using the device on top of the roof. Control the camera and use it to face the statue to open the door leading to Testing Ground 9.

KS 23 Collimator Blueprint Location 3

Go inside the shack near the statue to find out that it is an elevator leading to Testing Ground 9. Interact with the button on the wall to go there.

Go further, until you reach a spinning device that will unlock the door leading to a lower floor. Use your glove’s Polymeric Jet ability to connect the Polymer trail on the ground.

After connecting them, open the door by using Shok on the Polymeric Gel.

KS 23 Collimator Blueprint Location 4

Upon passing through a door, jump down into the new area to find a candle in the middle. Grab it then carry it towards the door to unlock it.

The door will not fully open so you must crouch to reach the other side. Once you crouch through the door, head to the left to find a Lootyagin chest containing the KS-23 Collimator.

With this in your hand, you can now upgrade your KS-23.

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