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Where to Find Humphry the Hungry in Chained Echoes

Approach this part of the sand to encounter Humphry the Hungry.

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Where to Find Humphry the Hungry in Chained Echoes

In Chained Echoes, you can encounter unique monsters which are powerful beasts that offer a bit of a challenge. You can either ignore or defeat them, but it will be challenging to defeat one of them.

One of these monsters is Humphry the Hungry. Albeit difficult, defeating it will give you a hefty reward.

In this guide, we’ll show you how and where you can find Humphry the Hungry.

Humphry the Hungry’s Location

Humphry the Hungrys Location

Source: PrimeraEspada91

Humphry the Hungry is a titanic sandworm that is weak against light. Once you defeat it, you can then talk to a Guild Leader to obtain your reward which is a Nectar and 1,500a.

It would be best to find it in your Sky Armor. Go to the southeastern area of Flower Fields of Perpetua to find the monster.

Summoning Humphry the Hungry

Summoning Humphry the Hungry

Source: PrimeraEspada91

Go to this location to find a piece of land that’s bubbling on the sand. Approaching it will make it disappear. Do this two more times to encounter Humphry the Hungry.

Summoning Humphry the Hungry 1

Source: PrimeraEspada91

To find the second bubble, travel northeast to the right of the camp. Similar to the first one, approaching it will make it disappear.

Summoning Humphry the Hungry 2

Source: PrimeraEspada91

The last location is north of the church. Approach the last bubble to finally encounter Humphry the Hungry.

Keep in mind that Humphry the Hungry is a difficult enemy to defeat. You must be ready if you want the chance. You will know that you can defeat it if you can easily defeat the Dune Chargers in the area.

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