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Where to Find Headmaster’s Office (Location) – Hogwarts Legacy

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Where to Find Headmasters Office Location Hogwarts Legacy

While traversing the world of Hogwarts Legacy, you will sometimes lose track of where you are and where you should be heading to.

In the many hours we’ve roamed the Wizarding World, we stumbled upon occasions where we need to find the Headmaster’s Office.

If you’re one of us, then this guide will point you in the right direction.

How to Find the Office

How to Find the Office 1

Source: GosuNoob

Finding the Headmaster’s Office will require you to go to the top of the castle. The journey will take you to the top of the Grand Staircase, then the trophy room, and finally a Level 1 locked gate that you need to lockpick.

If you get lost at any point, you can use the Charmed Compass by pressing the Up button on your D-pad in the Field Guide menu.

A marker will appear displaying the distance between you and the location. All you need to do is follow the marker.

How to Find the Office

Source: GosuNoob

After the previous steps, you should now head up to the next set of stairs you come by. This will lead you to a wooden corridor that you must follow until you arrive at another familiar stone hallway.

You should notice a huge Hogwarts statue with a gargoyle in its nook on your left side. This is the entrance to the Office.

However, you won’t be able to enter the Office until later in the story, so you should first progress the story if you want to see what’s inside.

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