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Where to Find Hairy Otter in Chained Echoes

Let’s take a look at the location of this Harry Potter-inspired unique monster.

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Where to Find Hairy Otter in Chained Echoes

One of the things you can complete in any game is achievements. This is also present in Chained Echoes.

One of the achievements you can complete is Endangered Species, where you defeat all of the Unique Monsters scattered around Valandis.

Hairy Otter is one of these monsters, and we will show you where to find him.

Hairy Otter Overview

Hairy Otter Overview

Source: PrimeraEspada91

The unique monster Hairy Otter is a magic user. His appearance is an otter wearing a wizard’s robe with what looks like an imitation of the sorting hat in Harry Potter.

He has two skills, Blinding Light and Heal. The strategy to defeat him is to chip his health until it reaches half, then use a status ailment to block him for a turn.

It is because he will use Heal once he’s weak, and it will restore him back to full health.

Hairy Otter Location

Hairy Otter Location

Source: PrimeraEspada91

To find it, simply fast travel to the crystal northeast of Arkant Archipelago. Use the Sky Armor mode, then head south to reach Taryn base’s beach.

The condition for encountering Hairy Otter is changing your party to only have magic users. This means your party should consist of Victor, Magnolia, Lenne, and Amalia.

If you do not do this, he will not spawn when you reach Taryn’s base’s beach.

Once you defeat him, you will receive an Otter Owl. Additionally, speaking to a Guild Leader will give you 10 Sweets and 2,5000a for beating Hairy Otter.

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