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Where to Find Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts

Mine all Golden Hermatites in this location.




Where to Find Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts

One aspect of Wild Hearts that may require more explanation is resource collection.

If you’re seeking the most powerful armor and weaponry, you may end up searching for resources without knowing where to look.

Items like the Golden Hematite can be one of the most elusive resources in the game. If you have difficulty finding one, this guide is for you.

Golden Hematite Location

Golden Hematite Location 2

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

The Golden Hematite is a chapter-specific ore, which means you can only mine it while playing the appropriate chapter to obtain it.

To obtain the Golden Hematite ore, you must play through Chapter 3: Crimson Doom.

The ore can be located in Akikure Canyon, and the easiest way to get there is by Kintodo Tower. In the map below, you can find the ideal area to farm for Golden Hematite.

Golden Hematite Location 3

Source: No-Nonsense Guides

To obtain a Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts, quickly travel to Stone Buddha Camp in Akikure Canyon.

Proceed southwest and look along the rock walls and on the ground for yellow-hued nodes to mine with the L2 button.

Note that if you’ve already unlocked the Dragon Karakuri, you can create a Tsukumo Ore Shrine. This will allow you to acquire this item automatically if you install one in the region.

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