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Where to Find General Merchant in One Piece Odyssey

The General Merchant sells valuable items you may need in One Piece Odyssey!




Where to Find General Merchant in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is a role-playing game in which players handle Luffy, the other Straw Hat Pirates, and other characters yet to be revealed.

Players explore a mysterious island, completing missions, discovering dungeons, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies in turn-based combat.

During combat, the crew is separated into active and reserve party members. Regardless of whether they are in the current party or not, all characters get EXP.

As you journey the mysterious island of Waford, encountering danger and mishaps is inevitable. At times, you may need certain items to aid you.

Fortunately, the General Merchant exists to sell you the items you need.

In this guide, we will show you the exact location of the General Merchant Madras and what items you can get from him.

General Merchant Madras Location

General Merchant Madras Location
Source: FP Good Game

The General Merchant Madras can be located in Nanohana at a corner house in the Spice Bean Plaza.

Get inside the house and speak to General Merchant Madras to buy an item.

Here, you can purchase the following:

  • Energy Apple – 2,500 Berries
  • Excite Apple – 2,500 Berries
  • Bandage Brew – 3,500 Berries
  • Burn Brew – 3,500 Berries
  • Antidote Brew – 3,500 Berries
  • Anti-Mirage Brew – 3,500 Berries
  • Generic Perfume – 2,500 Berries
  • Expensive Perfume – 10,000 Berries
  • Desert Nuts – 5 Berries
  • Desert Tomato – 560 Berries
  • Simple Pasta – 900 Berries
  • Corn Stalk – 250 Berries
  • Devil’s Tongue – 750 Berries
  • Pop Cream – 300 Berries
  • Bedrock Salt – 500 Berries
  • Chunk of Meat – 850 Berries

That concludes our General Merchant Madras Location Guide. We hope this guide helped you out!

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