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Where to Find Ekskalibur (Unique Monster) in Chained Echoes

Find the unique monster Ekskalibur using this guide.

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Where to Find Ekskalibur Unique Monster in Chained Echoes

The Ekskalibur is one of the many enemies that fall under the Unique Monsters category. This unique monster can be found all over Valandis and only spawns under certain conditions. It can also drop rare items when defeated.

As you may notice from the name, it’s a direct inspiration from the real-life sword Excalibur. To find the Ekskalibur, we must first do the movement that will make it spawn.

How to Find Ekskalibur

Finding Ekskalibur is a tricky task. As mentioned before, they only spawn once certain conditions are accomplished so you must follow this guide to know the preconditions to do it.

You must head to the central area of the map as shown below. The map can be accessed by bringing it up using the map key in the menu.

How to Find Ekskalibur

Source: RPG Divison

Once you arrive at that part of the map, you will need to move around the grove three times. It does not matter the direction, for as long as you move around it three times. This assures that you will eventually encounter it by traversing the area.

While moving around the trees, you may encounter a monster. Make sure to defeat it with your party so you can safely move around.

How to Find Ekskalibur 1

Source: RPG Divison

After going around the grove, you should encounter the Ekskalibur on the turtle around the upper part of the grove. Once you defeat it, a rare item will be dropped.

Simply follow this guide to easily find the Ekskalibur sword!

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